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  • Honu Poke and Matcha Bar

    Food | Sunday, 03 June 2018
    Poke bowl was a trend back in 2017, especially in the US region. This Hawaiian street food is being brought in Indonesia and reap a positive response from the community. The name is Honu Poke and Ma...
  • NAM: A Premium Watch with Indonesian Touches

    Fashion | Thursday, 24 May 2018
    By making a modern quality watch with the finest materials and minimalist design along with some touches of Indonesian taste, NAM is a brand that definitely should be taken into account if you are l...
  • First Crack Coffee Academy

    Food | Wednesday, 16 May 2018
    The coffee shop is a business that no longer needs further explanation as nowadays there are so many of its kind in town. Many of these coffee shops, especially in Jakarta, are very unique and each ...
  • Twin House

    Food | Tuesday, 01 May 2018
    In an urban lifestyle like nowadays, people tend to move rapidly including on how they choose their food. Some might prefer a fast food restaurant in order to save more time. However, if you have be...
  • Life Behind Bars: The Best Products for Riders

    Fashion | Tuesday, 24 April 2018
    Addressed to the local riders, Life Behind Bars (LBB) aims to make a durable, functional, and stylish product. They offer bags, apparels, accessories, and others with a relatively affordable price. ...

Editor's Choice

  • Beer is a worldwide beverage that turns out to be not so popular in Indonesia. Impressively, Bona and Jacob captured this o...
  • Kal Akkara: A Hand-made Ethnic Accessories

    Established in early 2016, Kal Akkara focuses on forging and crafting accessories, drawing inspiration from various culture...
  • Bike Delivery Service

    Yes, you read it right. Itís a delivery service on a bike just like in Premium Rush movie. The journey of Westbike Messenge...


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