Societeast is the combination of two words: society and East. Society is defined as a group of people formed for a certain purpose. We combine society with east because Indonesia is located in the east part of the world. In short, Societeast represents Masyarakat Indonesia.

The biggest catalyst to develop this website is based on the problem among Indonesian people that they are not proud of the local products. Local products have a not-so-appealing image when compared to foreign products.

Established in 2018, Socieateast is an online platform that aims to satisfy Indonesia's social welfare. With that being said, we start with the discrepancy between businesses and customers. The presence of new brand often takes a long time until it reaches the wide range of customers. On the other hand, most customers are aware of a certain local product through the only word of mouth. We see this situation as an opportunity where a platform might be needed to explore and reveal fresh ideas either for the benefit of business player as well as customer's benefits.

To conclude, Societeast then born to increase Indonesia's welfare through creative industry.


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About Societeast

Established in 2018, Societeast is an online platform to explore highly qualified local brands as its main objective. This platform aids Indonesian creator to promote their business either in goods or services sector. The existence of this platform is expected to encourage customers' awareness about local products.