Working Age 1564: Establish Network Against Discrimination

Working Age 1564: Establish Network Against Discrimination

Established in September 2014, Working Age was founded by two Faculty of Economics students from Universitas Indonesia. Based on the idea to define socio-economic phenomenon from, and among working age population's perspective, Working Age looks to assess problems that are found in a daily life of working age population, day and night. Working Age set its focus on being a platform for people in the working age group to channel their ideas and building a community or crew around the brand itself. Growing well and have been gaining new friends and families ever since, they aim to create, contribute and collaborate ideas and present themdai into a form of typography and visual on a streetwear platform.

Furthermore, the dream in the future is to become well established social merchandise among vast growing global market and to be known from their collective standpoint where the Working Age crew can also create and contribute to scenes within their own set of talents.

All the products can be purchased online and also available in some stores such as Maris, Na.In.I, and Anotherone. For further info, visit and follow @workingage1564 to get the latest collection updates.


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