Woke Human: Clothes with a Cause

Woke Human: Clothes with a Cause

“Social equality” is one of Indonesia’s founding principles, yet religious intolerance, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment remain a rampant problem in our society. While many turn a blind eye, some have taken note of the severity of these issues and work hard to raise awareness about these problems. Woke Human is one of those brands, leading the fight to raise awareness about these social issues in Indonesia through socially conscious t-shirts.

Gabriella Hattari started Woke Human in December of last year, fulfilling her desire to raise awareness on social issues, such as female emancipation and gender equality. She said that it had all started in her middle school years, where she was a witness to the discrimination women face daily in Jakarta. Women were judged for their clothes, their hair, the way they looked, and the things they said. From this sad reality sprung the idea for “Woke Human”; a platform to bring positive changes to the Indonesian youth.

Initially starting as a solo project, Woke Human has grown explosively, currently boasting an impressive 4100 followers on Instagram, while also expanding their reach to social media campaigns and pins. Their current campaign, #BeAWokeHuman, is a series of interviews with people that have helped create a positive impact for their community. Gabriella hopes that by sharing these stories, the campaign’s followers will be inspired to create positive impacts for their own communities. Woke Human has also just released their pin collection, fittingly named WokePins! A collaboration with local artist Hello Viona, WokePins! offers pins with designs as woke as their shirts. Toxic masculinity, gender stereotypes, and consent are just some of the themes these pins raise.

Despite her designs being worn all over the world by influencers and consumers alike, Gabriella still sticks to her principles. She stresses on the importance of Indonesia’s local industries, encouraging Indonesian youth to buy local products whenever they can. She believes that a booming local industry will have a positive domino effect on Indonesia, both in economic terms and on social issues.

Woke Human are clothes with a cause, making sure that their customers look good while they’re fighting the patriarchy and tearing down gender stereotypes. The clothing line’s slogan “Spreading social justice through creative means” is a perfect explanation for their mission. Their shirts start at an affordable IDR 125.000, while the pins can be preordered for IDR 50.000. With T-shirts that are good for the community (and for your wallet), Woke Human’s collection can be a great addition to your outfit.



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