A New Game for Local Sneaker in 2019

A New Game for Local Sneaker in 2019

It was all started by one local brand who copied the design of Vans Oldskool. The idea of copying the design spread and followed by many local brands due to the high demand in the market. Up until 2018, many critics have been given to these local brands to stop copy Vans Oldskool. For instance, critics have come from Tirta Mandira Hudhi or Drtirta and Aldino Pr aka Achilluminati as well as account Instagram @localbrandcom to raise the awareness of this wrongdoing.

However, these warnings and critics seemed to have no effect on their action to copy the design. In 25th December 2018, Vans has released a statement on TMZ that they want the copyer shoes to be destroyed and they also demand the profit from the copycat shoes. This is the new era in 2019 for many of local footwear brands. They should remake their products with other design considering if they copy Vans silhouette, they will get destroyed and Vans will take the profits.


photo source: vans.com


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