Navara: Shoes To Look Good Anywhere

Navara: Shoes To Look Good Anywhere

With the exponential growth currently experienced by the footwear market, more brands, both local and international, are vying to be the go-to brand, trying to become a staple in the Indonesian youth’s wardrobe. One of Indonesia’s most exciting and potential brands is Navara, who wants to shake up the market with their line of casual yet fashionable shoes.

Navara was started in 2017 when co-founder Tri Antono was inspired to sell dress shoes, forcollege students. Tri had five years of experience, and aimed to set the company apart by targeting students and making shoes with affordable prices; an unorthodox approach when most footwear companies aimed at the upper-middle-class market.

Unfortunately, the company sagged in the beginning, due to a lowering demand for dress shoes and formal wear. To rejuvenate the company, Tri brought on Ihsan Farhan, who successfully led the company through a rebranding process in 2018, while also playing a pivotal role in changing the company’s positioning and creative direction. Today, Tri andIhsan helm Navara Footwear as co-owners, selling casual shoes that combine the comfort of sneakers with the elegance of traditional footwear.

Essentially, all of Navara’s various lines of shoes hold the same principle: versatility. The designs are meant to outlast trends and hype, focusing on the demands of Navara’s customers and what they want their shoes to look like. With Navara’s focus on professional shoes that will fit into every social setting, it’s a perfect fit for most college students that might spend their day meeting their lecturers and their nights dining out with friends.

Despite being in its early stages, Navara already has its eyes set on three urban customers: Urban Hustlers, Urban Wayfarers, and Urban Vogue. The Hustlers; shoes for the hard workers who like to keep it casual, but still have footwear that’ll look good in their lookbooks. The Wayfarers: footwear for the adventurous, that will toughen through every journey thrown at it, whether it be through Jakarta’s urban jungle or through a mountain trek.The Vogue: shoes for the fashion forward. If you’re looking to making a strong fashion statement, you’ll want to be seen in these shoes.

We got a chance to have a short chat with Ihsan Farhan, where we asked about his choice to enter the footwear market. Ihsan told us that both he and Tri have a shared interest and passion in the footwear world, seeing how footwear is a crucial visual component of any outfit. Ihsan also encouraged local consumers to support their local industry with the simplest form of support: buying from local companies. He closed our chat by telling us that while buying local is very important, customers shouldn’t be forced into purchasing local products. Instead, local brands should think locally, and grow globally, raising the quality and design of their products to be competitive on a global scale.

As for now, Navara is one of Indonesia’s most potential footwear brands. This year alone, Navara plans to launch its brand with its new direction, releasing new lines of its shoes and introducing improved designs and quality for its products. With its shoes starting at IDR220000 and its sandals at IDR 160000, if you’re in the market for sleek and affordable footwear, you should definitely check Navara out.

Article by: Local Brand Community (@localbrancom)


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