Portray Lab: Vanguards of Indonesia’s Sneaker Culture

Portray Lab: Vanguards of Indonesia’s Sneaker Culture

A new kind of culture is rising in Indonesia, one that is made for the modern Jakarta bustle:sneaker culture. Settled in the heart of Jakarta, Portray Lab is one of the vanguard in developing and maintaining sneaker culture in Indonesia, working with some of the world’s biggest names and representing our nation at the biggest international sneaker fairs.

Portray Lab was born from a desire to express and implement ideas that would have otherwise been forgotten in a tangible medium that can be enjoyed and owned by others. Hence the name “Portray” embodies the movement’s purpose: to portray or represent certain characters in various forms. Despite being on the scene for a while, the brand is still going through trial and error processes to find materials for their products that are of high quality yet manage to stay affordable. Portray Lab is also working together with major collaborators and brands, such as WOMFT? (What’s On My Feet Today?), a sneaker blog from Vienna, to create unique products and projects that will be released in the near future.

Ramzi, the founder of Portray Lab, is reluctant to call Portray Lab a brand. He’d rather call it a movement. To him, Portray Lab cannot and should not be defined within the narrow limitations of a brand, since different people might see Portray through different perspectives.Personally, he believes that Portray is simply a movement where he and his team can create products that they love, products that act as a statement and forward the movement without caring about what the society thinks about it. From a sales standpoint, he admits that kind of perspective might harm sales, but Ramzi believes it’s a risk worth taking for the products they’re creating.

Portray Lab releases their limited line of products on the 26th of every month, a process often called the 26th Routine. We asked Ramzi about the philosophy and reasoning behind the selection of the 26th to drop their new products, in which he told us that psychologically, the number 26 holds various meanings.

He explained the meaning behind each number, where he believed the number 2 to have spiritual connotations, such as the influences of duality, service to others, balance, harmony, a divine life purpose, and a mission for the soul. The number 6 is a symbol for the material aspects of life, signifying love, nurturing, being responsible, honesty, integrity, and gratitude.Selecting 26 was therefore meant to embody the balance between the material world and the spiritual world, where the number reflects wealth and prosperity. 26 also can be translated as a promise for further success and financial rewards to be received in the future as a result of the hard work done, as long as one balances blessings with gratitude while maintaining a positive outlook on life and an aversion to negative energy.

With a wide variety of products aside from their sneaker collection, such as stickers, pillows,bags, and t-shirts, the Portray logo has become a staple in the Jakarta sneaker scene. We won’t be surprised if Portray Lab soon becomes a go to brand for sneakerheads from Indonesia and from all over the world. You can check them out on their Instagram@portraylab.


Article by: Local Brand Community


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